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Whether it's for work or play, we listed the Top Ten Best Chat Messengers available today. See the list below and start trying them out to see which you is best for you. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best Chat Messengers Software 2023



Slack is definitely a leader in the chat mesenger world and #1 on our Top 10 Chat Managers. The premium plan offers great features like integrated file sharing, voice and video chat, multiple channels for different conversations/ projects, secured data protection and it’s used by some of the top companies in the US.

  • Voice & Video Chat
  • Integrated File Sharing
  • Connect Third-Party Apps

Click HERE for Slack Overview



Skype is a simple but well-known chat manager that most people use for business. It has a clean look and an easy to use interface that even first-timers can navigate. If you’re looking for a way to communicate with your team this option is great for everyone!

  • White Board
  • Screen Sharing
  • Multi-Device

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WhatsApp is used worldwide and has connected friends and family all through the internet. Chat away with these simple and user-friendly features that get right to the point, communicating.

  • Simple, Reliable Messaging
  • Speak Freely
  • Easy Document Sharing

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Workplace, a Facebook integration is an amazing business tool to take advantage of. Regular Facebook Messenger is great and all but, if you need to manage a team, globally and scaled this is the option for you.

  • Workplace Chat
  • Auto Translate
  • News Feed

Click HERE for WorkPlace by Facebook Overview



Telegram is aesthetically appealing with a slightly difficult interface. You can access the program by your PC, Mac or smart device instantly and sync all your devices. Unfortunately, Telegram has a bad rep for not being as secure as marketing promotes and a lot of people had adviced against the use of the app. All and all It’s an ok app if you can see past bad security.

  • Cross-Platform Application
  • Send Documents
  • Encrypt & Sync

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Viber isn’t very well known but is feature rich in the chat messaging world. Not only can you chat with your friends and team but, you can discover others with similar interest. No need to be worried about security because Viber encrypts your conversations so that even they can see what you’re talking about

  • Build Your Community
  • Chat Extensions
  • End to End Protection

Click HERE for Viber Overview



Kik is a chat that allows you to connect with friends by many means. Kik is only available on smart devices but does not fall short on interesting features. Share your thoughts by photo, video, GIF or keep it traditional with some chat. Kik offers bots for when you’re bored and want to hear the latest news, group chat options and codes to get connected with your favorite people and businesses.

  • A million ways to say whatever you want
  • Bots
  • Kik Codes

Click HERE for Kik Overview



Troop Messenger has multiple plans including an enterprise plan with unlimited users. It’s a great chat messenger for business with very useful features for efficient collaboration.

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Video Chat
  • Screen Sharing

Click HERE for Troop Messenger Overview



Wechat is similar to Skype without the sleek user interface. You have access to groups, broadcast messages, games, and videos. Unfortunately, Wechat does not come with security options and is not recommended for kids under 7.

  • Broadcast Messages
  • Friend Radar
  • WeChat Out

Click HERE for WeChat Overview



Google Hangouts is a free extension of Google that allows you to chat with a friend or an entire team. This program is accessible on most web browsers, mobile devices and comes with some very basic features. Google Hangouts falls low on our Top 10 Chat Managers because of its lack of substance.

  • Group Chat
  • Snooze Notifications
  • Voice and Video Chat

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